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netball captured by sports photographer mackay

My sports photography services cover the full range of photography needed for your sporting club: training, matches / games / competitions, carnivals, team photos and end-of-season awards ceremonies. I love sport and am happy to shoot any code.

I am fortunate to have been the official photographer for many indoor and field sports, including NBL 1, softball, hockey and other sporting codes regularly occurring in Mackay. I also have experience shooting inside stadiums for one-off events such as Suncorp Super Netball.

Sports photography takes a particular skill; it’s more than just shooting the athletes inside the field of play. I need to read and understand the game to anticipate what may happen and prepare for that momentary good shot. I also need to be aware of what’s happening behind the play, on the sidelines and even in the crowd because often, that is where the stories are. For example, when shooting a grand final, the exhilaration of the winning team is expected, but what about the utter heartbreak and inner turmoil going on with the losing team, their coaching staff, and their fans? Sport involves many stories, and it is my job as the photographer to capture them all.

Capturing local sports carnival days is a fun experience. Watching junior players interact with school classmates who are on the opposing team is especially heart-warming. Capturing proud parents as they cheer their budding athletes on is even more so. All the colours add something extra to the photos, to the point they almost amplify the atmosphere.


Sample Sports Photos by Kieron

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