Your Friendly Mackay Family Photographer

There’s a poignant article on Hubspot where a mum refers to herself as a ‘ghost mum’ because, in family photos, she doesn’t seem to exist. And she has a point. How often are your social media feeds filled with photos of your children, pets and partner or an awkward selfie where you are trying to cram yourself into the frame?  There is a better way: a family portrait session with your friendly Mackay Family photographer.

In my family photo sessions, I do my best to make it fun and as pain-free as possible. A family or group photoshoot aims to capture the personalities and dynamics. So, while I do give some guidance for poses, I often try to let it be natural.

Kieron Place your friendly Mackay family photographer

I understand that family budgets are tight, so you want to ensure you get value for money with your family photoshoot. That’s why I do not sneak in additional charges for ‘extra photos’. When you hire me for a family photoshoot, you pay for the session time and the digital prints – not a limited amount. That means all the photos I take during a family portrait session are provided in digital format to my clients. You can print as many as you like.

My Tips for a Success Family Photoshoot

If small children are involved, make sure they are well-rested and fed. I am happy to work around your child’s sleep schedule so we can ensure they are happy for the photoshoot.

Bring snacks for the kids (and pets, if necessary). Bribery works a treat!


I don’t mind what you wear. However, I advise against wearing stripes as they can look distorted in photos. For a bit of symmetry, I recommend the group where complementary colours. If you want to express your personality through your wardrobe, I welcome it. However, just ensure that whatever you wear is a contrast against the backdrop, so you don’t look washed out or fade into the background.

This is something I will clarify in a consultation. However, the short answer is whoever you like – within reason. My standard price for family photos only includes one family unit/household. However, if you want extended family involved in the photoshoot, we can arrange that, and I will provide a quote for the additional members.

Yes, we can include pets, so long as they are allowed on the premises and aren’t too disruptive. We don’t want your pets to ruin the experience or photos, so if they are obedient, they are most welcome to come along for the photoshoot.

You can call or email me to see about availability and pricing. After you book with me I start with an email questionnaire . I find that this process allows me to get to know you and your family a bit better. It also helps us get on the same page about the shoot expectations.

Sample Family Photos by Kieron

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family shoot landscape 01 small

family shoot landscape 02 small

family shoot landscape 03 small

family shoot landscape 04 small

family shoot portrait 01 small

family shoot portrait 02 small

family shoot portrait 03 small

family shoot portrait 04 small

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