Capture the Gift of New Life Perfectly


Maternity and newborn photography are growing in popularity. And why not? It is the perfect way to tell the story of a tremendous change in a couple’s life.

I understand that sometimes an expectant mother may not want to have a maternity shoot. However, I promise you won’t regret it. At the very least, your small child will enjoy looking back on the photos and seeing the love you and your partner shared for them before they were born.

When I do a maternity shoot, I let the parents guide the session. I want the couple to be at ease, so you choose the location and decide what you want to wear and who is involved. If you don’t want the long flowing gowns, it’s okay by me. If you want just the couple: that’s fine. If you want the family pet involved: great!

I follow a similar philosophy with the newborn shoot, in that the parents can dictate the shoot’s theme with a bit of guidance from me. In our home studio, my wife, Jenny assists me with organising props and wrapping and posing bub for the shoot. I think of the shoot as a chance for mum to relax. You will be asked to pose for a few photos, but otherwise, you can put your feet up with a cuppa while we do the work.

If you have any sentimental heirlooms or mementos which you want to be included in either shoot, please let me know, and we will happily incorporate them.

My Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

Tentatively book as soon as you know your due date.

Don’t feed your baby before attending the shoot. I will provide a private area for you to feed bub when you arrive, as this will help bub sleep soundly through the photoshoot.


The best time to photograph newborns is before they reach 21 days old. This is because they sleep more and are easier to pose. But, I can photograph babies of any age.

I try my best to provide the photos as soon as possible after the shoot but will usually have them to you within a week.

The price I quote for your newborn shoot is inclusive of my time and all the digital prints. Canvas prints and other products will incur an additional charge which I can quote for upon booking.

Sample Maternity & Newborn Photos by Kieron

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