Looking for a Real Estate Photographer in Mackay?


With many Mackay houses being sold ‘sight-unseen’ to interstate buyers, there has never been a better time to invest in high-quality real estate photography. So, you need a real estate photographer in Mackay.

We have all seen at least one bad real estate photo. It has poor lighting, the room is cluttered, or it may be grainy. These photos detract from the home’s potential and drastically shrink the buyer pool and could cost you a sale.

Fortunately, I have 30 years of building design experience from my family business, which has given me a keen eye for real estate. This allows me to see through the noise and mess of a property to shoot it in the best frame.

There is a lot of prep work that goes into quality real estate photography. The home should be in good repair with no obvious broken windows, doors etc, and it should be clean. Small homes should minimise clutter and utilise mirrors and appropriate furniture to make spaces look bigger. Vibrancy in the photos is also a big plus. So, for exteriors, I recommend colourful foliage and in interior photos, I’ll add a bright cushion or kettle. These elements add warmth.

Real estate photographer capturing a family moving into their new home

This is just the tip of my real estate photography knowledge. So, before putting your home on the market, talk to me to get the right advice and photos to unlock your home’s potential.


Artwork is a yes and colour helps add life to the images. But, for privacy reasons, I advise against leaving your photos or identifying items in your home during a photoshoot.

I am a freelance photographer so I can do photos for a private property sale. I also work with many Mackay Real Estate agents.

Sample Real Estate Photos by Kieron

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