Kieron Place – Photographer for Events & Formals Mackay

Event Photographer Mackay

Classy events take a lot of preparation. There are often months of meetings, hundreds of emails and probably several moments of high-stress planning, which goes into a few hours of revelry. So why, after all this effort, would you rely solely on bad phone selfies or just a photo booth to remember the event? Most companies or organisations will want to share shots online and will kick themselves when they realise they have no quality photos. You can avoid this regret by hiring an event photographer.

My event photography service can be used for any Mackay and Whitsunday event. From galas, fundraisers, Christmas parties, product launches or even a family reunion, I will capture every moment and personality so your guests can put their phones away and be present.

Quality photographs of your event are also a great form of publicity. The digital prints I provide can be shared far and wide on social media and will professionally present your business.

I offer my event photography services to anyone within a 50km radius of Mackay at no additional travel charge. Occasions outside this radius will incur an additional cost. To learn more, please contact me.

Sample Photos by Kieron


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formal landscape 01 small

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formal portrait 01 small
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formal portrait 05 small
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event landscape 01 small

event landscape 02 small

event landscape 03 small

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event portrait 01 small

event portrait 02 small

event portrait 03 small

event portrait 04 small

event landscape 05 small

event landscape 06 small

event landscape 07 small

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