School Formal Photographer Mackay


School Formals are a milestone to be treasured so why would you leave it to your phone to record those moments when you could hire a professional photographer to capture the beauty and special memories of this one special time in your young adult’s life?

This is also a fantastic time to get a Family Session when everyone is looking their best and in their finest. I make it a priority to get those family shots with anyone that you would like in the photo.

So why not take the opportunity to have beautiful shots of your Son or Daughter as they complete this wonderful Tradition and get a Family session as well? To learn more, please contact me.

Sample Photos by Kieron – Your School Formal Photographer

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formal landscape 01 small

formal landscape 02 small

formal landscape 03 small

formal landscape 04 small

formal portrait 01 small
formal portrait 02 small
formal portrait 03 small
formal portrait 04 small
formal landscape 05 small

formal landscape 06 small

formal landscape 07 small

formal landscape 08 small

formal portrait 05 small
formal portrait 06 small
formal portrait 07 small
formal portrait 08 small